I can’t look away.

26 Jun

I am watching my little girl sleep a lot these days. There is a moment… after the two stories have been read, after the two songs have been sung, after I’ve held her hand until she drifts off to sleep, when her body is still, when peace takes over her face… that I can’t look away.

There is something magical then. I feel connected and grounded and full all at the same time… just by looking at her. It’s a moment when all the stress, anger, frustration, challenge, drama and defeat of the day melts away and I’m reminded that this is what matters. Truly, this is all that matters.

And though I stumble, though I make mistakes, though there are moments in the day when I forget to slow down, drink it in, remain present and aware… I’m doing right. I’m loving my little girl the best way I can, as much as I can, so much it floors me.

And I can’t look away.


Big Girl Room!

8 Apr

This week we changed things up in Goo’s room. Inspired by our friends who just moved and are great with economizing space, we started by putting all her toys in bins in her closet. Our friends gave us some foldable bins from Target. Then we bought the shelving on sale (woo hoo!). Here is the closet!

Left side of the closet.  Right side of the closet.

The bins weree $5 each and each shelving unit was on sale for $35. The green ones were gifted to us, so not a bad investment to keep the clutter and toys hidden away nicely. ;)

Next was rearranging things. We needed more lighting in her room and I wanted to move things around based on where the power outlets are placed.

Side One  Side Two

Now Goo has a big girl room! She has more space to play. Things are more organized and cleaner for momma and dada! ;)

Christmas photos are up!

31 Jan

My talented photographer of a husband has posted the photos from our Christmas trip to visit friends and family in Oregon. Check them out!


A night in the City!

28 Jan

We took Goo for an overnight trip to San Francisco this weekend. I thought she would get a kick out of staying in the hotel with her own beautiful room and visiting Dolores Park. When we visit the City she often asks to go to see the “big slide” which is at Dolores Park.

Courtesy: Friends of Dolores Park Playground

Courtesy: Friends of Dolores Park Playground

Our friend Mehrnaz was gracious enough to get us a beautiful room at Nob Hill Inn. Goo had her own room and exploded with excitement at seeing it. This old Victorian is filled with historic touches. She loved having a bed with flowered curtains surrounding her and windows with little shutters she called “doors just for me!”

The good news is she had a blast, the bad news is she would not nap because she was just too excited. So we high-tailed it to Dolores Park and Goo got to run and swing and slide.

Playing at Dolores Park

Then we headed over to Southern Pacific Brewing to meet up with some friends. It was great to visit and catch up but Goo was beat. We headed back to the hotel to visit and curl up on the couch with a movie and a Goo. It was a fun and busy day. Goo crashed early:


Then sadly woke up multiple times overnight. The combination of no nap and a rough night of sleep made for one cranky Goo in the morning. So we hit the road early. We made a quick detour to Twin Peaks to get a parting look at our City in the morning light. Even Goo liked that.

So what did we do when we got home? Sleep! Momma fell asleep first then Goo soon joined and we slumbered together for a couple of hours. Heaven.

All in all it was a good trip. It is sometimes more work and logistically challenging to travel with a young child. But I feel like we were and are willing to be flexible and meet her needs while trying to meet ours too. I still rather try things like this than always sit at home. You can only watch Cinderella so many times you know. ;)


Where’s Goo?!

3 Dec



Yeehaw! Or I should say meeow!

2 Dec


Christmas explosion

25 Nov


I LOVE Christmas. LOVE it. As soon as the turkey has cooled. We are currently enjoying a family morning in front of the Christmas tree. The Messiah playing. Advent calendar play. My compost even smells like Christmas from all the mulling spices. :)




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